Back to the Tree

I grew up hearing the story of Adam and Eve.  Being raised in a Christian home, it was known as the “Creation Story.”  It went something like this:  God made man out of the earth and then from his rib came woman.  They were happy and free in the Garden of Eden, and were given free reign, with one exception:  They were not allowed to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  They were told if they ate of the fruit, they would surely die.  Long story, short, Eve listened to Satan, ate the fruit, bringing sin upon the world, yes, the entire world, and putting women in a subservient position to men.  They were banished from the garden to live out a life of suffering.  The weight of the fall sat squarely on the shoulders of Eve and, consequently, all women.

For many reasons, I have rejected the version of that story/fable and have given it my own twist.  Eve, knowing she was going to risk death, disregarded what the men around her were saying and chose the hope of knowledge anyway.  In doing so, she brought power, wisdom, strength, intuition, and creativity to women.  We never were told the real story because as it was passed down orally, by men, from generation to generation, it gradually changed, giving men the edge and women well, it subjugated women into the weak and easily “deceived” category.  Throughout history, men have used their physical strength and their religious prowess to keep what Eve won for us at bay.  It has worked for a long time, but that seed of wisdom has remained and has gradually grown and it even flourishes when given the right combination of light and sustenance.  It will only get better and someday the story of Eve will no longer be referred to as the story of The Fall, but the story of The Rise. ~The End, or beginning, I should say.

Eve, you are my hero.  As a Christian I was always told that everything began at “The Tree” and so that is where I have gone–back to The Tree and learned from my mother Eve to embrace wisdom, strength, intuition and creativity, even when it flies in the face of convention.  I have spent the last few years consistently going back to that tree, pulling off a piece of that beautiful fruit, taking a gigantic bite, and every time I do, I gain new insights, new vision, new strength, and renewed freedom.  Thanks Eve!


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